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knowing the risk OF premature birth*


*The Pregnolia System supports the diagnostic, but does not predict the risk of a premature birth.

I would like to know more as a

Pregnolia system

Pregnolia has developed a medical device for the improvement of pregnancy care. The result of years of academic research at ETH Zürich and University Hospital Zürich, it allows health care providers to measure the stiffness of the cervix for a more complete characterization of cervical status.

Pregnolia System

About us

The Pregnolia team comprises scientific, technical, and medical know-how.


​July 2023

Pregnolia had lots of exposure in different media channels over the years - but not yet in a podcast. Sabrina Badir had the chance to take a moment and reflect about Pregnolia's journey, all the milestones and challenges she and the team have overcome so far!
Listen to the story: on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify,
or on X-Health.Show

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