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The Pregnolia System is composed of two products: the reusable Pregnolia Control Unit and the single-use sterile Pregnolia Probe.


The Pregnolia System is currently available in Germany and Switzerland:

If you would like to try the Pregnolia System, please request a quote:

Product Description

Control unit

The Pregnolia Control Unit is a reusable, active device with an integrated vacuum pump and pressure sensors. It is connected to the single-use Pregnolia Probe through a connector cable and may only be used with this probe.


The device is small and lightweight, and can easily be integrated into any gynaecological practice. 

The Pregnolia Control Unit is delivered in a storage case which contains:

  • Control Unit Console

  • Power Supply

  • Foot Switch

  • Connector Cable

  • Instructions for Use

  • Training material: demo-probe, demonstration cervix and instructions for self-training.

Pregnolia Sonden Packung

Pregnolia Probe

The Pregnolia Probe is a single-use, disposable component which may only be used together with the Pregnolia Control Unit. Each probe is individually packed and sealed inside a sterile pouch. Probes are shipped in boxes of 10 and have a shelf-life of 3 years from date of production.


In the event that a product defect covered by warranty is discovered and reported within the statutory warranty period (2 years), Pregnolia AG will replace the defective Control Unit at no cost.

Terms and Conditions

Please click here for our general terms and conditions.

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