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Here you can find the Training Material necessary to familiarize yourself with the Pregnolia System and learn how to operate it.

Instructions for Use


Instructions For Use

Quick Reference Guide

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P/N 100041-H

P/N 100057-E



Older versions can be found here.

Training Material


Instructional Video

Training Video


PD-000083 vs 01

PD-000082 vs 01

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LEARN how to use the Pregnolia System

Before the first usage, read the Instructions for Use in their entirety and watch the videos provided above.


Training material is provided together with the Pregnolia Control Unit. It contains a non-sterile demo probe (P/N 100060), a demonstration cervix (P/N 100059) and instructions on how to use the training material for familiarisation with the system.

Use the training material to perform a familiarization test, following the instructions included in the training material:

  1. Watch the Instructional Video.

  2. Follow the Instructional Video step by step and use the training material to familiarize yourself with the system. 

  3. Watch the Training Video.


If you need any assistance using the Pregnolia System, contact us at


Support is available Monday through Friday during working hours (8h30-17h00, CET).

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