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Pregnolia received SME Instrument grant

Horizon 2020 EN.png

Pregnolia has been named the recipient of a SME Instrument Phase 1 grant. This EU Horizon 2020 business innovation grant provides support for close-to-market feasibility assessment activities. Pregnolia will use the funding for further studying the industrialisation and production scalability of the Pregnolia System.

Medtech as a research field has become more important at ETH. The biomechanics engineer Sabrina Badir developed a device that might support the risk assessment of a premature birth. 

Dr. Reihl and Dr. Kohler were elected to the Board of Directors. Both have extensive experience in Medtech and Health Management. 


Sabrina Badir und Marlene Bissig - A report in (german)

The ETH-Spin-off Pregnolia has developed a small device to enable gynecologists to measure the cervical stiffness quantitatively. 

The biomechanics Sabrina Badir wants to bring a device to the market that improves risk assessment for preterm birth. That this needs more than the courage for risk, will be discussed during the interview «Focus».


Sabrina Badir at OSGG.

Read the article to the congress in info@gynäkologie (german)

Presentation of the device and studies. 

Pregnolia participates at the Global Pitch Fest during the Venture Leaders Programm in Boston.


"Die Geburtshelferin" - An article by the Bilanz (german)

With the aspiration technique, Sabrina wants to improve diagnosis and prevention of preterm birth. 

Pregnolia obtained 100‘000 Swiss Francs from  W.A. de Vigier Foundation. The ceremony took place in Solothurn.

ETH researcher have developed a sensor to measure the risk for premature birth in the future. 

The probe measures the stiffness of the cervix: The researcher from Zurich wants to improve the assessment of preterm birth with this awardwining idea 

ETH biomechanic Sabrina Badir impressed the jury at the international ideas competition Falling Walls Lab. She developed a device that can determine the risk of a premature birth.

Pregnolia (Pregnostics) wins the prize for the best business idea.  

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