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Swiss midwifery magazine

The first 2021 issue of swiss midwifery magazine features a detailed article on the increasing importance of cervical stiffness measurements in the context of a possible premature birth.

According to the World Health Organization, more and more babies are dying as a result of premature birth. The ETH spin-off Pregnolia AG uses cervical stiffness as a new parameter for the risk of premature birth. Data is currently being collected in comprehensive clinical trials with the aim of supporting the care of pregnant women with the Pregnolia System with improved preterm birth diagnostics.

Obstetrica - Swiss midwifery magazine

Marlene Bissig, midwife and long-time employee at Pregnolia, wrote this article together with a medical specialist.

Cervical stiffness as a new parameter

The identification of pregnant women at risk of preterm birth is one of the great challenges of modern obstetrics, especially as multiple mechanisms underlie spontaneous preterm birth. In view of the heterogeneity, it is quite likely that a combination of different examinations will yield the best results in terms of a more reliable prediction of preterm birth, and this also includes the precise determination of cervical stiffness.


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