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Frühgeburt ist ein globales Problem. Prematurity is a global problem. La prématurité est un problème global.




Treatable causes are always addressed whenever possible, particularly infections. For this purpose, medicinal treatments are used such as magnesium intake, contraction inhibitors, hormonal support, the use of pregnancy pessaries and, if detected in time, or prophylactically in the case of corresponding history , with the use of a cerclage.

With an imminent premature birth, induction of lung maturation of the newborn baby is also conducted (using maternal administration of glucocorticoids) and hospitalisation is arranged [9]. For very premature births, hospitalisation takes place at a clinic with a corresponding neonatology department for professional care of the premature baby. In order to be able to use these therapies as early as possible and ideally adapt them to each individual pregnant woman, early and accurate assessment of a possible risk of premature birth is of significance.

Read the story of Mia for World Prematurity Day - Mia’s start in life (in german/in english).

Despite all the most modern techniques available, the limit of viability is between the 23rd and 25th week of pregnancy. There is the risk of moderate to severe disabilities in premature babies born before the 25th week. Weight is also a decisive factor in the prognosis.

Wir Eltern - Interview with child neuropsychologist Dr Barbara Ritter (in german).


[9] Surbek D., Roos T., Hodel M., Pfister R., Hösli I., Glucocorticoidtherapie zur antenatalen Lungenreifung bei drohender Frühgeburt: Indikationen und Dosierung, Expertenbrief Nr. 56 der SGGG,

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